About ACRA

2023 Officers and Board

    • Guy Tumolo, President
    • Marge Lubawy, Vice-President
    • JoAnna McQuaide, Secretary
    • Cathy Thomas, Treasurer
    • Hugh Hackmeister, Board Member
    • Donnzellla Johnson-Smith, Board Member
    • Pamela Long, Board Member
    • Connie Przybyla, Board Member
    • Sharon Sylestri, Board Member



  • Execute contracts for services approved by the Board.
  • Schedule meeting rooms for Board meetings and luncheons.
  • Prepare agendas for Board meetings and distribute to Board members prior to meetings.
  • Preside over Board meetings and luncheon meetings.
  • Review all official correspondence of organization prior to release.
  • Arrange to have up-to-date mailing lists available to printer for all mailings.
  • Co-sign checks produced and signed by Treasurer to pay the obligations of the Association.
  • Serve as liaison with the staff and members of the Allegheny County Retirement Board.
  • Assure that the by-laws are complied with.
  • Assure that the officers, members and paid personnel perform the duties assigned.


  • Keep an accurate accounting of the financial transactions of the organization.
  • Provide the Board with financial reports in advance of the scheduled Board business meetings.
  • Pay the debts of the organization. All checks to have the signature of both the Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer, if one is appointed, and the President or, if unavailable, the Vice President.
  • Maintain a checking account and deposit all revenue, including dues, gifts, and proceeds from luncheons, of the organization in it.
  • Collect dues and revenues from luncheons and other revenue generating activities.
  • Provide lists of individuals who have prepaid for luncheons and other activities to persons assigned to register attendees at the event.
  • Reconcile bank statements. Monitor investment account.  Submit to IRS form 990N annually.
  • Cooperate in the conduct of the annual audit.
  • Prepare and send membership renewal reminders in February.


  • Take and distribute minutes of Board of Directors meetings and the Annual Meeting. Keep a record of these minutes in print copy in one or more books of record.
  • Take notes of pertinent issues presented by members at luncheon meetings and distribute to Board members.
  • Have custody of the corporate records of the organization; e.g. minutes, audits, by-laws, etc.
  • Keep the official register of names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of all current Board members.
  • Send notice of Board meetings, luncheons, and scheduled activities to all members in good standing.
  • Update annually and provide membership applications and dues renewal sheets. Send membership renewal notices electronically to printer in early November.
  • Answer and respond to emails and voicemails or forward them to one who can best respond. Current voice mail provider is Voice Nation.
  • Maintain or cause to be maintained current mailing lists of members to be used for distribution of postcard notices, newsletter and other mailings to the membership.

ACRA Officers Bios

Guy Tumolo, ACRA President

Guy formerly worked in the County Controller’s Department as the Deputy Controller.  He also worked in the following departments throughout his career: County Council, Human Services, Administration/Chief Clerk, Aviation, Budget & Finance, Kane, and Employment & Training.  After 40 ½ years of service with Allegheny County, he retired in 2012.  Guy currently resides in O’Hara Township.

Marge Lubawy, ACRA Board of Directors

Marge formerly worked for the Allegheny County Department of Human Services as the Senior Communications Manager. Prior to working for DHS, she worked in the Office of Commissioner Michael Dawida.  After twelve years of service with Allegheny County she retired in 2008.  Marge currently resides in Brookline.


Cathy Thomas, ACRA Treasurer

Cathy worked at Juvenile Court, Supervisor of the Administrative Services Department for 29 years. During my tenure at Juvenile Court, I finished college and graduated with an Accounting Degree.  Cathy retired in June 2017.


JoAnna McQuaide, ACRA Secretary

JoAnna formerly worked for Allegheny County Department of Human Services as the Deputy Director of Administration.  She also worked in the following departments throughout her career: Children Youth & Services, MH/MR/DA/HH.  After 21 years of service with Allegheny County she retired in 1999.  JoAnna currently resides in Brentwood.

Hugh Hachmeister, ACRA Board of Directors

Hugh was the Principal Architect & Manager of Architectural  Services for the Department of Aviation & Allegheny County Airport Authority, as  part of the  team that oversaw the construction and operation of the Pittsburgh International Airport Mid-Field Terminal Complex, completed  on-time & under-budget in 1992, for 28 years until  his retirement in 2015.  Hugh is enjoying reconnecting with many familiar faces that he met during his years with the County, thru his involvement with the Retirees Association.

Donzella Johnson-Smith, ACRA Board of Directors

Also known as Donna, worked for the Allegheny County Health Department in the Housing Division as a Housing Inspector. She retired September 10, 2010 after 41 years of service. She currently resides in Hazelwood.


Pamela Long, ACRA Board of Directors

Pamela formerly worked for the Allegheny County Health Department as the Public Health Nurse Administrator/Program Chief/Administrator for the Maternal and Child Health Program.  After 41 years of service with Allegheny County she retired in 2011.  Pamela currently resides in Upper Saint Clair.


Connie Przybyla, ACRA Board of Directors

Connie formerly worked in the Court of Common Pleas, Family Division, Juvenile Probation Department as the Administrative Support Manager.   She also worked in the following departments throughout her career:  Allegheny County District Courts and Allegheny County Adult Probation.   After 38 years of service with Allegheny County, she retired in  2013. Connie currently resides in South Park.

Sharon Silvestri, ACRA Board of Directors – A retired public health nurse. After 36 years with the ACHD Infectious Diseases Program, she has kept her license and remains active with the Medical Reserve Corps. She also volunteers with the UPMC Health Care System at Shadyside, Montifore, and Presbyterian hospitals. She is currently an  active member of ACRA.