About ACRA

Allegheny County Retirees Association


The Allegheny County Retirees Association (ACRA) is an advocate for you the Retiree and your surviving spouse.

ACRA is established under the Pennsylvania Nonprofit Corporation Law of 1988, as amended, and the purposes for which the Organization is formed (see Our Mission page) and is operated exclusively for the purpose of advancing the general welfare and common good of employees, past and present, of the government of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, within the meaning of Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.

What We Do

To advocate for retirees, we meet to help inform you and we publish a newsletter to highlight important issues. We hold monthly luncheons nine times a year with informative speakers on retiree issues and items of importance to us, such as our pensions, health care issues, and other items of importance to seniors. These are great opportunities to meet other retirees and see your former colleagues. When you learn about issues affecting retirees, you can take action as you see fit to protect what is important to you.

We also have other periodic activities such as walk ‘n’ talks and tours of local attractions. These provide another occasion for socializing with your friends and fellow retirees.