About ACRA

Active ACRA Committees


  • Review financial proceedings of the Association annually.

  • Report findings to the membership

  • When a formal audit is deemed necessary, recommend to the Board a CPA to perform the audit. Receive findings of the audit, conduct exit interview, and report findings to membership.


  • Conduct the annual election.

  • Retrieve ballots from ACRA mail box.

  • Tally the votes.

  • Report the results at the Annual meeting.


  • Assemble packets of information inviting recent County retirees to join ACRA. Packet to include: invitational letter, application form, addressed return envelope, ACRA brochure, and copy of latest available newsletter.

  • Deliver packets to the Retirement Board office to be distributed to those retiring each month. Work with Retirement Board staff to assure adequate supply of packets are available for distribution.

  • Review the invitation letter, membership application and brochure each year prior to ordering new stock.

  • Order materials from printer as needed.


  • Edit and publish quarterly Newsletter.

  • Establish a due date for submission of articles.

  • Assist with writing and generating ideas for articles.

  • Circulate the articles prior to publication to the Officers for their review and comment.

  • Forward all materials to the printer. The printer will lay out each issue and prepare a proof for committee to review.    (Current printer is Banksville Express Printing)

  • Review the proof as provided, inform the printer of any needed corrections and approve final proof.

  • Update mast head, list of board members, telephone numbers, email addresses and mailing address of association as needed.

  • Order additional copies as needed.

  • Through the Secretary provide printer with proper mailing list in electronic format.

  • Follow Newsletter Guidelines adopted by the Board on April 18, 2012. (copy of guidelines attached) 

  • Update website monthly.


  • Prepare the ballot for the annual election.

  • Solicit and encourage members to participate as Members or Officers by running for office.

  • Secure biography from candidates for distribution with the ballots.


  • Schedule meeting rooms with hotel.

  • Serve as the control point for scheduling of Board meetings, Luncheons, and other activities of the Association.

  • Assist in securing programs for the association luncheons and activities.

  • Make arrangements for electronic equipment needed by speakers at luncheons.